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Teach Your Monster to Read


This is a new website which has been added to our school website.

It is a fun way for children to be able to learn to read.

Teach your monster to read starts with the basic letter sounds and progresses to phonic sounds using set one, two and three sounds. The games consist of three stages: Sighties (which is where the children identify the words), Minigames: (allows the children to play letter sound, matching, blending and segmenting words, all of which is being used throughout our school) and finally, Flash Card sounds that we also use during our Phonics lessons.

There is also a game to help with reading this is called Reading for Fun, it gives you a story with words. They say a sentence your children can repeat the sentence and can click onto the next sentence when they have confidence in reading it.

There are also some number skill games.  You can choose where you would like to start: New- Introduction to fundamental number skills, core basics.

Confident- For children who have mastered the first five numbers.

Experienced- Will be coming soon.