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Visit to Porters Farm in Feltwell.

On Friday the 7th June, we were very lucky to visit Porters Farm in Feltwell, Mr J Porter and his mother Mrs Porter ,kindly allowed us to look  around the farm to see how a farm works. Today we looked at the wheat fields ,machinery, land and much more .Jim one of the farmers hooked a big seating area trailer to his tractor and gave us a tour of the farm. On our journey we were able to see some old buildings and a run way, that was where into Feltwell/ Methwold Hythe, the Wafs   were based during the second world war. Maths is a very important part of farming. Lastly we had a lovely surprise Mrs Porter baked us all a beautiful vanilla traybake cake. Thank you to all involved. We had a wonderful morning.

Art afternoon, 20.05.24: treat because Doves Class won the Reading Miles Challenge!

Doves Class, won the Reading Miles Challenge.Our reward was an Art afternoon we did various activities, Planet pictures,Mosaics,Mono printing and painting pebbles. We had a great afternoon, thank you to Mr Gibbons( the Artist) for all his help and guidance ,also thank you to all our parent helpers. Thank you to Mrs Ablitt for organising everything. Thank you to Mrs Lillycrop for setting the challenge.smiley

13.05.24 science.different viscosities of liquids. Resources oil.lemonade, ketchup, honey ,ramps timer. .

Our focus was to see with the resources we had, what and how long it took for each item to move down the ramps. Each group had a stop watch and an item to test ,eg one group had vegetable oil,another honey, water on a carpeted ramp and tomato ketchup, was a very interesting lesson.

08.05.24 .Art We have have made more Greek pots. A clay pinch pot.

Guide Dog visit. 03.05.24

We were so lucky to have a special visitor today, A guide dog. we learnt so much about how important guide dogs are. Thank you. 

Art 30.04.24 To recognise the coil technique when using clay.

24.04.24 RE Hinduism.

24.04.24 Visitor, We were very lucky to have a lady visit our school today,  we learnt all about The Hindu religion.


Science experiment, separation, we did a variety of experiments. Fun was had by all.

26.03.24 Maths . Our focus today was to create a maths game with instructions .

Today we created a maths game , tomorrow we will be going down to key stage 1 to see if the games are a successs.

Red Nose Day 15.03.24

World book day.8.03.24.

Reading Cafe 1.03.24

Reading Cafe, Friday 01/03/24.We had an amazing time ,with Doves class , parents,carers.  friends and families. We enjoyed reading, making paper machete volcanoes ,Cardboard volcanoes .word searches,Atlas work, to finish the afternoon we did an experiment with our paper machete volcanoes . This involved various ingredients ,to make the volcano erupt. A great time was had by all.laugh

Science.Topic earth quakes and extreme weather.26-27 February 24.

27.02.24 Science , we have created our very own Volcanos ,using a wide range of materials newspaper, plastic bottles ,cardboard and glue . Paper machete. We hope to use bicarbonate of soda and vinegar , to preform an experiment. Watch this space.

Have a safe and happy half term .laugh

School Trip 12.02.24 Kings Lynn Museum.