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Happy families

Sometimes circumstances that are out of our control can effect our happy family and home environment, below is numerous resources and links to services that are there to help in our hour of need.

Please remember as a school we are here to help and can be contacted via telephone or email



 Conversation Starters for children.


Being a mum myself I know more often than not the response we get from our children when we ask them what have you learnt today is " nothing "

Our children may not be able to make emotional connection related to the tasks they have completed during the day .

A great fun activity is to write some of the suggestion below on to paper or lolly pop sticks and during tea time take it in turns to read one out and get everyone to answer .

Its important for the grown ups to take part too. Therefore you are modelling to the children what they need to do .


Having completed this with my own family I found out so much more about their day and we did chuckle at many of the answers.


What made you laugh today ?

Did anything make you sad today ?

Tell me something you were proud of that you did today ?

How have you helped someone today ?

How did someone help you today?

Whats the most interesting thing you heard today ?

What was the hardest thing you did today ?

Who is the kindest person you know ?

 Im sure you can thing of many other ideas that relate to your own families .

Good Luck 

Miss Strutt












Just One Number is a really useful service for parents/carers to use when we are at not at school, if you have any worries or concerns.


Its website is full of useful advice about children's developmental stages and behaviours.