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Our school vision



Please take a look at the aspirations that Governors and staff have for our children then the aspirations of the children themselves.



To provide the best educational experience for our learners, to raise their aspirations and soar to success.


To this end we will help each individual child to be the best that they can be. We want all our children to be:

  • Happy, confident and safe
  • Polite and well behaved with a sense of right and wrong and fairness
  • Able to work and play on their own or cooperatively
  • Well-motivated learners who strive to the best of their ability

Our aims are to:

  • Provide the very best education for each child, giving them the support or challenge they need in order that they may fully realise their potential
  • Help children to love learning at school and at home
  • Help children to think about how to improve their learning
  • Encourage every child to pursue their talents, develop their gifts and interests by giving them a wide range of experiences beyond the national curriculum, including educational visits, after school clubs, outdoor learning and Character Education lessons
  • Encourage children to be confident and have self-respect
  • Encourage children to make the best of all opportunities now and in the future
  • Keep children safe and teach them to make sensible decision about their safety
  • Encourage children to appreciate different cultures, faiths and beliefs and to treat everyone respectfully and equally
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their behaviour and learning and to make appropriate choices
  • Help children to cooperate with, and be tolerant of, each other


We value the partnership that we have with parents/carers and strongly encourage them to take an active role in their school.  We will share information with parents about their child’s needs and education.


To fulfil our aims, we will provide a curriculum which is fun, exciting and relevant in order to enable our children to “soar to success” in whatever they choose to do.  We will also provide additional rich and varied opportunities beyond the national curriculum through extracurricular and co-curricular clubs and educational visits. Our provision, be it within the school day or not, will be monitored through our School Development Plan, Headteacher Reports and through analysis of results and regular monitoring visits.  The Governors have high expectations of everyone in our school community, from the children and the staff to the Headteacher and, indeed, themselves.

TRAITS vision statement for Edmund De Moundeford Primary

British values vision statement for Edmund De Moundeford Primary

Our children are full of great ideas about what they would like to achieve when they grow up. Here is a selection of their dreams.

Our class would like to do a variety of jobs in the future. These include being a teacher, gymnast, artist, footballer, an animal rescuer, a farmer and one of our children would like to be in the SAS!

Our possible Careers in our class, including:- a lawyer, vet, chef, nurse, computer games programmer and mechanic. What an ambitious lot we are!