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This page has been updated ready for September 2021.



Management Staff

Mrs Julie Lillycrop                            Headteacher. Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead. Looked after

                                                            Children Lead.

Miss Michelle Harding                    Deputy Headteacher. Designated Safeguarding Lead


Office Staff

Mrs Kirsty Blight                               Office Manager

Mrs Coleen Jamieson                      Clerical Assistant

Mrs Corrine Chaplin                        Clerical Assistant 


Teaching Staff

Mrs Sarah Eastes                              Robins Class Teacher (Reception)

Mrs Sian Freeman                            Puffins Class Teachers (Year 1)

Miss Eleanor Stevenson                  Owls Class Teacher (Year 2)

Miss Clare Middleton                      Kingfishers Class Teachers (Year 3) and SENDCO

Mrs Tracey Lambert                         Kestrels Class Teacher (Year 4)              

Miss Michelle Harding                     Hawks Class Teachers (Year 5)  

Miss Katie Martin                             Eagles Class Teacher (Year 6)

Mrs Alix Neill-Gourlay                     PPA teacher

Mrs Helen James                              Swimming Teacher


Mrs Lucie Hobbs                             Robins Teaching Assistant (Reception)

Mrs Anna Allaway                           Puffins Teaching Assistant (Year 1)

Mrs Kate Parkinson                        Owls Teaching Assistant (Year 2)

Mrs Gaynor Carter                          Kingfishers Teaching Assistant (Year 3)

Mrs Claire Hollick-Pearce               Kestrels Teaching Assistant (Year 4)

Mrs Virginia Wright                        Hawks Teaching Assistant (Year 5)

Mrs Viv Garner                                Eagles Teaching Assistant (Year 6)


Mrs Elaine Grass                             Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Cover Supervisor/Teaching Assistant

Ms Lisa Strutt                                    2nd Alternative Safeguarding  Lead

                                                            Family Support/Higher Level Teaching Assistant. 

Mrs Sandra Samuel                         Higher Level Teaching Assistant/SEND Teaching Assistant

Mr Dom Bunten                               SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs Natasha Locke                          SEND Teaching Assistant

Miss Kya Raven                                SEND Teaching Assistant



Mid-Day Staff

Mrs Coleen Jamieson                     Mid-Day Supervisor

Ms Lisa Strutt                                   Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Kate Parkinson                         Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Virginia Wright                        Mid-Day Supervisor (part-time)

Miss K Raven                                    Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss Stephanie Siegert                  Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss Tanith Royffe                          Mid-Day Supervisor



Caretaking Staff

Mr Anthony Payne                           Caretaker

Mrs Donna Flynn                              Cleaner

Mrs Catherine Vinall                        Cleaner

The Government requires each school to publish on their website how many school employees have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more. In our school no member of staff is paid this amount (or near this amount!)


Our school is a Norfolk County Council school. 


Norfolk County Council, as a large organisation, is required to report on its gender pay gap. For those interested in this here is the link:


In our school there is a highly disproportionate number of female staff to male staff.