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Numeracy day

Guide dogs PE

14.05.24 D T .Our focus was to use vegetables 🌽 in a recipe, putting kitchen utensils to the test.

Guide dog visit

Hindu visitor

Reading cafe

School trip to Lynn museum

Number day

In DT we have been making free standing structures from newspaper.

For our writing reward, we had a visit from a rabbit, two guinea pigs and a chinchilla.

Today in Geography, we were measuring wind speed using an anemometer.

Kites Christmas jumper day

Carol service

Social aspects day

Maths cafe

Christmas decoration day

Today in Science we have been learning about microhabitats.

Today in History, we have been learning about Roman soldier training exercises.

Today in Science, we learnt that in Autumn, trees drop their leaves because their leaves die. They then grow new leaves in the Spring to create food. We then looked around the school field for signs of Autumn.

Today in Science, we found out that an albatross had a wingspan 3 times the length of their body. We then worked out what our wingspan would be if we were an albatross.

Australian dance