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D.T. DAY 18 JULY 2023 YEAR 1

Being a king or queen is such fun! Coronation celebrations

World Book Day- March 2023

More World Book day

Year 1 music and dance


In Design and Technology, Year 1 did a Stirling job of designing and making their own teddy bears.

We followed a specific design process:

1. We drew our teddy design 

2. We drew our teddy outline not felt.

3. We cut out our shape

4. We punched holes all around the edge

5. We then sewed the edges leaving a gap to put stuffing in

6. We stuffed our teddies

7. We then closed the holes by sewing it closed

8. Then we decorated it with buttons and ribbons for eyes and scarf


They look fantastic.

Making Teddies in DT

Year 1 enjoyed our Hour of Code session a few weeks ago. We got to learn all about machine memory. The children worked in pairs and built robots from junk modelling. We then looked for ways to teach our robots how to recognise a greeting. 

Hour of Code

Puffins hosted a fantastic Reading Cafe earlier in December. We read Avacado Baby and our parents joined us in completing activities and joining in the reading tradition within our school. 

Reading Cafe 2022

Autumn 1 Class letter

Puffins Long term Plan (short version)