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Miss Harding and Mrs Gibbons would like to thank everyone for their kind cards and gifts.It is very much appreciated - we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe summer ! 

Tuesday 18th July 2023 -DT Day

On Tuesday , Hawks spent time designing their own shoes developing their ideas/thoughts/innovations in their design. Initially, they spent time working out the perimeter/area of their particular shoe and then went onto think and create their own particular shoes. 

Thursday 13 July 2023 - Hawks reading cafe 

On Thursday, we held our last reading cafe of the school year. This time, the theme was based on the book ‘Wonder’ by R.J.Palacio - a book with the theme of kindness running through it.

After a brief introduction , the children read beautifully and shared extracts of the book with the audience. Later on, Hawks were able to take part in some craft activities connected to the book ‘Wonder’

Wednesday 28th June - local artist visit 

As part of Sky Arts week, our school decided we would hold our own art week linked in with the topic of portraits. Lots of plans were made and at the start of the week , the children were introduced to the art of Andy Warhol - in particular the ‘Campbell Cans ‘. They were able to design /draw/colour their own version of them - these will be on display at our art gallery on Friday.

We were lucky to have a visit from a local artist - Martin Gibbons - who spent time with the Hawks class and introduced them to the art work of Roy Lichtenstein and pop art. In the session , the children had to draw their own portrait first - some found this very difficult but they all managed to achieve this.
They then took their portrait plus a piece of bubble wrap cut to the  size of the paper and then proceeded to spray with paint. They then pressed their portrait on top of the wet bubble wrap to produce their pictures. Colour was finally added to finish. 
These pictures will be on display as well in the art gallery on Friday.

DT .27.06.23. Pizza making  .

Monday 19th June - trip to Porters Farm, Feltwell

As part of our topic on Farming, Hawks were lucky to be able to visit a local farm and see what happens. Mr Porter met us and showed us around the barns explaining how the different pieces of machinery work and telling us all about the different types of crops that they grow on the farm.


A little later, we then went on a trek across some of the fields to see the crops - he explained also that the farm had planted 1200 trees this year and showed us some of the newly planted trees.

It was a hot afternoon so we moved into one of the barns which was cooler but contained a vast quantity of corn which the children felt irresistibly drawn to touch and feel!


Towards the end of our visit , we met Mrs Porter - Mr Porter’s mother who had kindly used ingredients grown and found on the farm to make the children some cake which was lovely and very tasty - a freezing ice lolly followed which the children really enjoyed.

DT.20.06.23 Today we have been very busy creating gingerbread people, stars and much  more.

Today , 13.06,2023 we have been very busy,making and baking bread.We used are Maths skills to work out how much of each ingredient we needed,using our division skills to divide the ingredients into 4 .This then gave us enough ingredients to make one large or 2 small rolls. Take a look at the pictures below to see how much fun we had.

Thursday 25th May 2023- class assembly


Hawks class presented their class assembly to the whole school yesterday and today to their parents on the them of Ancient Greeks, their history topic this half term. It started with them retelling the myth of King Aegus, Theseus and the Minotaur. This was beautifully acted on stage with several songs ‘Count on me ‘ and It’s all Greek to me ‘ performed several times.

Towards the end, Hawks also retold another myth of Icarus - small groups acted out and told the audience about the story of Icarus. A great performance by all ! 


Thursday 11 May 2023 - visit from Norfolk Owls 

As part of their reward for improving their writing, Hawks were very lucky to receive a visit from Norfolk Owls. After a brief introduction about owls,the children were able to get close up to the owls and under careful supervision, they were able to hold two types of owl. With support from our visitor, they put on a large glove which covered most of their arm and were able to touch, stroke and look at the owls. Several pictures to follow !

Friday 5th May - trip to Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 

On Friday, Hawks made the the trip to Cambridge to visit the Fitzwiilliam museum. Here, we were welcomed and spent time in Ancient Greek area - one of the Museum’s teachers told us lots of information about the Greeks and she was equally impressed with the children’s knowledge so far!

After lunch, we then had a Greek pot workshop where the children had the opportunity to make their own Greek pinch pot under the guidance of the museum’s resident artist. We then had the pleasure of transporting 27 Greek pots back to Feltwell in the coach - luckily,they all survived and have spent the weekend drying out ready to go home in the coming days. A great trip! 

Wednesday 26 April - Bean update 

Last term, as part of our CARE lesson, Hawks planted some beans to help demonstrate that we all need to have patience in life, school and everyday life.The children had fun planting the seeds in the compost and some children took them home over the Easter holidays. Some have come back into school and are living on the windowsill in the Year 5 bay.

Wednesday 26 April

This half term in History, Hawks are learning all about Ancient Greeks. They spent time last week learning about Greek temples and had fun making their own versions of them using art straws and glue. They also learnt about Greek pottery and designed their own pots which are on display in the classroom.

Thursday 16 March - Moon and Stars

As part of our Science topic this term , Hawks spent time learning about the Moon and its 

phases - they then made and decorated their own version of the moon cycle . Here are a few pictures of what they achieved.


World Book Day - 2 March 2023

On Friday, Hawks celebrated World Book Day (albeit a day late) by bringing in their favourite books from home (see photo’s below). They spent the morning making their own bookmarks, joining in with a recorded lesson which developed into making their own mini version of their favourite books. 

Thursday 23rd February - Talk 4 Writing demonstration


On Thursday afternoon , Hawks class spent time showing their parents/carers their amazing demonstration of the text ‘ Alien Abduction  ‘. They had spent time practising in small groups learning and developing their actions and the result was fantastic - enjoyed by all. Hawks also explained that they had used this text to help them plan and write their own version of the Alien Abduction - 4 children were able to share an extract of their story. The afternoon finished off with one final demonstration of the story. 

NSPCC Number Day -3rd February 2023

On Friday, it was NSPCC Number day all through our school. Hawks class were set mathematical challenges and had to work in small groups. Each group worked through the challenges against the clock and the winning group for each challenge earned a piece of a big puzzle. We also competed in the TTRockstars challenge as well. 

Wednesday 11th January 2023 - Reading Cafe 


Hawks spent part of the afternoon sharing with their parents, their new topic book The Secret War diary, a book connected to WW2.They shared and read extracts from the diary of some key moments in the war. After that, they were able to make a wooden airplane, create a wartime silhouette using watercolours, crack some codes/ word searches which kept them busy the rest of the afternoon.

Monday 9th January 2023 - visit to The Wellington

As part of our work on WW2, we spent the morning at the Wellington. The owner Chris and Stuart very kindly spent the morning showing us the wonderful artefacts they have collected especially connected to the Wellington. They shared so much information about WW2 and about RAF Feltwell and gave the children the opportunity to see and hear about the war and even try on a original flying jacket, cap and mask .Thanks must also go our parent helpers /Governors for walking us there and also enjoying the trip.

Wednesday 4th January 2023.  Space themed art story prompts

In preparation for our next English writing , Hawks spent some time painting their own space themed sky silhouette using watercolours. They enjoyed experimenting with how the colours merged to create the effects they wanted for their story prompt and how much water they needed to be able to create these pictures. 

Xmas gifts and wishes 

Miss Harding and Mrs Gibbons would say thank you for their gifts from the children. We both would like to wish you a Merry Christmas with your families and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

Visit to Norwich Cathedral -Wednesday 14 December 2022

On Wednesday, as part of their RE curriculum, Hawks travelled to Norwich Cathedral to find out more about Advent and the story of Christmas. It was a cold day but suitably wrapped, we learnt lots more about crib sets and how they differ in different countries in how they look and the materials they are made from. We also had a tour around the cathedral and were shown around many areas at times having to be really quiet as a service was taken place.

Monday 21 November 2022


Hawks class have been busy preparing their Xmas decorations for the tree in our local church. The theme was ‘Superheroes - people who help us ‘ . They all had fun choosing, drawing detail on and decorating their ‘Superhero ‘ and with the addition of some festive ribbon look ready to go on the Xmas tree. 

Tuesday - 15 November 22 - visit by Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form


This morning, we were very lucky to have a visitor in our class from the Sir Isaac Newton Sixth form who came in to teach a special maths lesson. 
The children were given 11 counters and 2 di  and with the help from Ms Wade (our visitor) explored which number would come the most ( probability ) over a short period of time .After lots of dice rolling the children found out that 7 was the most common number thrown but had lots of fun exploring this.

Buddhism Day - 7th November 2022


Last Monday, Hawks had a visit in school from The Buddhism Centre based in Attleborough.They spent time during the day making Mala bracelets which they then used in their meditation session.

They learnt all about Buddhism and the artefacts used in the religion and the 8th fold pathway.

Pumpkin ‘Care’ session 21 October 


On a very busy day, Hawks enjoyed a special care lesson based around working together and perseverance. They spent time making pumpkins of different sizes and learning how to overcome any problems they encountered along the way.

Talk4Writing - Friday 21 October 2022

Today Hawks enjoyed showing off their amazing story telling skills which they have been working very hard on. As a class , they have learnt the story ‘The Golden Skull ‘ and in small groups have learnt and practised their separate parts to retell the story. Many rehearsals later they were ready to show off this skills to their parents .

Friday 21 October 2022.   Art


Over the last half term we have been learning about secondary colours and have been making different tonal colours - we have also sketched some still life of several Autumnal natural objects.Today Hawks completed our own version of our Van Gogh’s Sunflowers showing their own version with hot tones and cold tones 

Wednesday 19 October - Healthy Living Day


Today ,Hawks spent some time learning all about healthy living - food , exercise and sleep. They learnt about the different food groups and that we need to have a balanced diet to keep ourselves healthy- one amazing fact they learnt was that a one litre bottle of Coke contains 27 sugar lumps !! They also found out how much exercise they need to do if they do eat some of those naughty treats - lots of burpees and sit-ups !! 

Wednesday 28 September -Moral Day 


Hawks spent the day discussing and debating the choices we make in life and the effect they can have - they spent time watching an extract from ‘Bugs Life’ and then they had a vote on what they would rather be - either an ant or a grasshopper!  Later on, they spent time making board games on the theme ‘Would you rather ?’

Wednesday 21 September - Rainforest Reading Cafe 

Hawks had a fun afternoon sharing with parents their beautiful reading of their class book The Explorer written by Katherine Randell. Once they had shared their reading, the class then went onto to do some rainforest crafts and were treated to a drink and tasty snack.

12th September 2022

Please find our long term plan for this academic year and the half-termly curriculum overview which has been sent out. If you have questions about these please use the home communication books.