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7th July

We have finally finished our masks after several weeks of hard work.  We think they’re amazing, 


But can you guess… Who’s behind the mask?

Wind pumps

We have made wind pumps, similar to the one we saw on our trip to Wicken Fen last week.  It was fiddly but we got there in the end! 

30th June

We have had another busy week this week. We had a great time learning more about the Fens at Wicken Fen, we did some amazing art during Art week and we also managed to squeeze in a writing day too. Phew!

Art Week

Wicken Fen

23rd June

This week we enjoyed sharing our reading with our parents in our Reading Cafe. 

We also continued with our masks.

16th June

This week we have enjoyed finding water features on Ordnance Survey maps.

9th June

On Friday, it was Big Me Day and we came to school dressed in our dream job costumes. Can you guess what we would like to be?

We also wrote about what we would need to do to achieve our ambition and what we thought our job would entail. Some of us even looked at the salary we would receive!

26th May

We have had a busy week this week. On Tuesday it was Languages Day. We took part in different activities with all 4 KS2 teachers. These included singing Spanish songs, listening to a story in Spanish, finding out about different Spanish speaking countries and learning about a famous Spanish artist, Gaudi. You can see our Gaudi inspired mosaics below.

We also carried out a science experiment to explore how temperature affected the rate of evaporation. We found out that the warmer the temperature, the quicker the rate of evaporation. 

12th May

Today we began to create our papier-mâché masks. We had great fun ripping up paper and sloshing on glue. Keep watching to see our finished products!


Today we shared our research about Shang religion with the rest of the class. Did you know that Shang people worshipped their ancestors? Or that rich nobles would be buried with wine in bronze vessels and food to nourish them in the afterlife?

5th May

Today we had a great time observing science in action. After melting some chocolate, we added rice crispies and made a snack fit for a king!

Maths game

28th April

This week we were lucky enough to spend time with some furry friends as a reward for achieving Mrs Lilycrop’s Writing Challenge.



31st March

Today we visited Robins and shared our stories. 

24th March 2023

This week we wrote a story about the journey of a raindrop for younger children.

We are looking forward to sharing them with Robins and Puffins soon.

17th March 2023

This week was British Science Week. We enjoyed learning how sound travelled by attaching a spoon to a piece of string, holding the string against our ears and then hitting the spoon against the table.  The sound was surprising - and as clear as a bell!

We also learned about Alexander Graham Bell and made our own phones. 

3rd March 2023

World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day by bringing in and talking about our favourite books. It was lovely to see such a wide range of genres from biographies to classics and from mystery to anime. 

1st March

Reading Cafe

On Wednesday 1st March, Kestrels hosted their 2nd Reading Cafe. We read some of our class reader Ice Palace before creating some amazing shoebox settings. 

24th February

Investigating how we can change pitch

3rd February 

On Friday 3rd February, we took part in Number Day on behalf of the NSPCC. 
As well as creating some excellent costumes, we took part in NSPCC rocks on TTRS, solved Buddy’s challenge, played times tables games and practised our measuring skills.

Meeting Buddy



Buddy’s Challenge


27th January

This week we learnt about how sound is caused by vibrations. We saw this in action when we struck a drum with rice on. The harder we hit the drum, the more the skin vibrated. This made a louder sound and the rice jumped higher.


Today we shared our model text ‘The Quest for the Raindrop of Life’. The children were brilliant!


On Friday, we took part in an Indian dance session which linked with our RE learning. As you can see we had an amazing time creating our own dances.