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Writing (1hr)

King Midas and the Ancient Greek God Dinoysus

Cold write (Part 2)

Today I want you to start writing your Cold write for King Midas. 


Re-watch the video first. Then start writing. Remember to include as much detail as you can! Use your plan from yesterday to help write in detail what is happening in the film clip!

The Legend of King Midas.mp4

Still image for this video

Opener ideas


1) More than two Millennia ago, in an era where men were mere mortals and Gods ruled the Earth, lived a greedy, wizened King. 


2) Many moons ago, lived an ancient, money-thirsty king. His name was King Midas and he lived in a dilapidated, old castle. 


3) Let me begin by telling you the story, of a cold-hearted, cruel King, called King Midas. He lived over two thousand years ago in a ________ surrounded by __________. 



Here are three prompts to help your child with writing. You might want to print ONE but you DON'T have to.