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Weekly Expected Spellings

Wb 17th January


It was lovely seeing so many of your efforts with your spelling homework - keep it up.


Group 1: - ey pattern

1) hey

2) they

3) obey

4) grey

5) prey

6) whey

7) survey

8) convey

9) disobey

10) purvey


Group 2: 

1) bruise

2) guarantee

3) immediately

4) vehicle

5) yacht

6) languages

7) cruise

8) celebration

9) nougat

10) Pacific


It is always useful to check meanings of unfamiliar words. 



Wb 10th January


After a lovely couple of weeks off school we have returned for the new term and hit the ground running with some amazing learning. The children have been split into two spelling groups and will work with an adult daily to practise their spellings for that week. These are the spellings for this week and should be rewritten in alphabetical order, finding some definitions and then including some in sentences to help memorise them. If you are unsure which spelling group your child is in then please let us know and we will confirm through the communication books.


Group 1: ei spelling pattern

1) eight

2) eighth

3) eighty

4) weight

5) neighbour

6) vein

7) veil

8) beige

9) sleigh

10) freight


Group 2: understanding the use of an apostrophe 

1) shouldn't

2) book's

3) weren't

4) books

5) parliament's

6) soldiers

7) soldier's

8) won't

9) restaurants 

10) restaurant's