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Weekly Expected Spellings

wb 13th December


Our last weekly spellings of 2021 - these words have either come up throughout the term or are common words that have been spelt wrong. Keep practising and don't forget to try and use them in context. After half-term we will have some slightly different spellings as we will be splitting into two groups. 


1) thorough

2) competition

3) artefacts

4) forgivable

5) autumn

6) necessary

7) discovery

8) convenience

9) especially

10) field



wb 6th December


Last week, we had a fantastic week of learning with many children starting to see patterns with words they already know. After the Christmas holidays we will be splitting in to two spelling groups in order to help maintain a positive level of progress.


This weeks spellings - we will look at meanings and the root words in our spelling lessons - but as an extra to help you learn them could you please put them in sentences, cannot wait to see your achievements.


1) definite

2) definitely 

2) unhelpful

3) helpless

4) quadrilateral

5) quadruple 


These next five are our Yr 5/6 words that all contain double letters - some opportunities to revisit key words.


6) communicate

7) community

8) immediately

9) recommend

10) interrupt


Good luck - looking forward to seeing your achievements,