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Weekly Expected Spellings

wb 29th November


We've made so many links last week with using words that we know to create other words - well done. This week we are using some of the links we discussed to learn more words...when learning them always see if you can use them in context and recognise the meanings. Two of them also link with our learning around the Anglo-Saxons too.


1) microscopic

2) microwavable 

3) supervision

4) unsupervised

5) artefacts

6) archaeologists


These next ones are from our National Curriculum words


7) ancient

8) community

9) curiosity

10) explanation


Good luck and keep up the hard work.




wb 22nd November


A super well done to everyone who continues to practise their spellings - maintained or improved scores each week will earn star points. This week our spellings link with the word 'telephone'.


1) xylophone

2) microphone

3) telescope

4) telegraph

5) phonetic 

6) television


This remaining words are from the Yr 5/6 National Curriculum words


7) marvellous 

8) convenience

9) especially

10) neighbour


Try and put these in alphabetical order and use a dictionary or google to find the definitions. Looking forward to seeing your achievements, 


wb 15th November


Last week, we learnt lots more words than just our target words - we found many other re' words including recycle, reboot and recharge. This week our spellings continue focusing on a prefix, this time co-, and we're also starting to look at contractions too.


1) co-operate

2) co-ordinate

3) co-own

4) coexist

4) shouldn't = should not

5) they're = they are

6) don't = do not


These are the other 4 National Curriculum spellings we will be focusing on:

7) equipment

8) bruise

9) appreciate

10) immediately 


Try and write these words in some funny sentences and if you are unsure of the meaning then see if you can find the definition.


wb 8th November


Well done to everyone who completed their spelling home-learning from last week. Keep it up. 


This week our spellings focus on the prefix re' - focus on the root word and then think about what the prefix means...there are many videos and websites online focusing on this prefix. 


1) re-emerge 

2) reinvent

3) reignite

4) re-enter

5) reappear

6) rebuild


7) bargain

8) soldier

9) language

10) yacht


wb 1st November


This week our spelling focuses around plurals and starting to recognise patterns with these. Try and write these in alphabetical order and include them in some creative/silly sentences. Some children (you know who you are) will only focus on the first 6 - and everyone else can focus on all 10. Any problems please let us know,


1) schools

2) vehicles

3) lunches

4) potatoes

5) cities

6) activities


7) physical

8) equipment

9) programme

10) variety