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Weekly expected Spellings

wb 18th October


Our last week before half-term. This weeks spellings are linked with last weeks in that they are all homophones again. When learning these try and make sure you are learning and recognising the different meanings. The other 4 words which are from the NC are a collection of words we've looked at across this half term so the children have an opportunity to revisit these words and secure their understanding of the spellings.


1) affect

2) effect

3) past

4) passed

5) through

6) threw


7) system

8) competition

9) excellent

10) available



Wb 11th October


So, we have made it to October - only two weeks left till half term, doesn't seem possible.


Our spellings this week are homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelt differently and have different meanings).


Extra star points are available for anyone that can find as many homophones as they can - there are many....


Practise these focus words too - try and write them in some imaginative sentences, think about their meanings...


1) isle

2) aisle

3) aloud

4) allowed

5) heard

6) herd


7) competition

8) curiosity

9) dictionary

10) especially