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Weekly expected Spellings

Wb 4th October


We have completed our first month of the academic year. Last week, we had some amazing scores on our weekly spelling quiz - well done. Hopefully, last weeks spelling will help with this week too - remember to focus generally on the 'word-pattern' words and those of you who find spelling easy then you have 4 others that you can learn too...


Try including them in sentences so you recognise what they mean - looking forward to hearing and/or seeing your achievements.


'ible word pattern

1) horrible

2) terrible

3) possible

4) edible

5) reversible

6) sensible


Yr5/6 National Curriculum focused words

7) muscle

8) familiar

9) thorough

10) vehicle 


wb 27th September


A super congratulations to everyone who has been practising their spellings - we have many children who are scoring highly - keep it up. From this week, some children will only focus on the 6 word-pattern spellings and some will then focus on all 10. Any queries please let us know through the home-communication books.


Word pattern is 'able:

1) enjoyable

2) adorable

3) breakable

4) miserable

5) agreeable

6) forgivable


The extra 4 from the National Curriculum:


7) available

8) awkward

9) bargain

10) bruise


Wb 20th September


Well done to you all who have been practising your spellings - for this week as well we are having whole class spellings while we continue to assess and check where children are. Please feel free to send any learning linked with these spellings in - you can be creative, use a computer, any way that will help you learn your spellings.


This week we are focusing on silent letters.

1) knight

2) autumn

3) island

4) whistle

5) thumb

6) lamb


These are then the spellings from the NC which we are focusing on.

7) suggest

8) system

9) symbol

10) stomach


Good luck - any problems please let us know through the communication books.


Miss Harding


Wb: 13th September


Welcome to Hawks class spellings - initially there will be one set and then children will be put in to groups. This weeks spellings focus on the word pattern 'ough and some of the Yr 5/6 words. Please write them in sentences and then write your own meanings for some of the words - looking forward to seeing your achievements.


1) rough                      6) thorough

2) thought                  7) excellent

3) through                  8) forty

4) dough                     9) government

5) cough                     10) frequently