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Weekly expected spelling

Spellings to be tested on Friday 4th December 


Blue group                                                     Green group                                                  
sun rain
son reign
one weather 
won whether 
break which
brake witch
father business
class calendar
grass caught
pass centre

Spellings to be tested on Friday 27th November 


Blue group Green group
they straight 
obey eight 
eight  sleigh 
weight  vein
straight  disobey
beautiful bicycle
after breath
fast breathe 
last build
past busy


Spellings to be tested Friday 20th November


Blue group Green group
careful colourful
helpful powerful
hopeful resourceful
kindness happiness
darkness fairness
every although
great answer
break appear
steak arrive
pretty believe


You will have received an email telling you whether your child is in blue or green group for spellings. Children in orange group will received their spellings via email.


Spellings to be tested on Friday 13th November:

Blue group:

Green group:
can't couldn't
didn't shouldn't
he'll wouldn't
she'll haven't
won't hasn't
both accident 
old accidentally
cold actual
gold actually
hold address