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wb 29th November


A super well done to everyone who completed the mathletics challenges and logged on to times table rockstars - star points have been awarded.


I know fractions is a difficult concept but the more and more practise the easier it will become. 


This week the learning continues with opportunities to revisit some key areas. Looking forward to seeing your achievements.


Don't forget to log on to Times Tables Rock Stars ( and use Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks to keep developing those important arithmetic skills. 


Wb 22nd November


So, we are truly immersing ourselves in fractions and we have had some great successes with reading and converting fractions.


This weeks mathletics learning continues with some elements of this as well as revisiting other areas. Keep up the hard work, remember star points are earned for completed challenges.


Don't forget Times Table rockstars too and this fabulous website to help develop your arithmetic and recall skills - Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks


Any problems or queries let us know through the home communication books,



wb 15th November


How amazing were Hawks last week with Times Table Rock Stars - your speed and determination were fantastic...


This week your home-learning supports our learning around fractions - this is an area we haven't looked at too much this year but we will continue to build upon and there are some challenges around our knowledge of multiplication. Keep up the hard work and earning those star points.


wb 8th November


Wow, what awesome percentages we've had on mathletics - keep it up Hawks.


This weeks tasks relate to our learning around multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We also had a special assembly to introduce a new Times Table Rock Star 'England wide' competition too - can you beat my current challenge score? 


Look forward to seeing your achievements



Wb 1st November


We've worked really hard last half term on a range of concepts and this weeks mathletics learning builds on those skills including X10 and X100 as well as revisiting elements of addition and subtraction.


Don't forget to keep learning those times tables with TTRS 


Any problems please let us know,