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Week Beginning 22nd November


Complete the task assigned on Mathletics:


N - Addition and Subtraction

subtracting from 10



If you would like some extra practise...





If you would like to challenge your learning...

Level 1 


Week Beginning 15th November


Complete the activities assigned on Mathletics:

G - Properties of Shape and Position:

* Collect Shapes

* Count Sides and Corners




Practise finding part - missing numbers


Click Number Bonds

Up to 10

Missing Numbers


Week beginning 8th November


Complete the task assigned on Mathletics:

Number:  Addition Facts


If you would like extra practise or a challenge...


Level 1


Up to 10 - Adding Ones


To practise press manual - there is not a time limit.

For a challenge - try setting different time intervals.  How quickly can you answer the questions correctly?  

Let me know how you did.

Practise your number bonds to 10


Top marks - hit the button