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wb 18th October


A super well done to everyone who completed their mathletics learning - it is certainly helping develop your calculation skills.  This weeks home-learning moves on to multiplication and division, which we have begun learning about in class - remember to keep learning your times table facts, the quicker we are at these the easier maths will be.

As we are coming towards the end of our learning on the rainforest it would be great if some of you could create posters, powerpoint presentations etc etc to showcase your new knowledge around the Amazon Rainforest. I look forward to seeing some of your wonderful examples of learning.



wb 11th October


Well done to those of you who last week scored highly with mathletics and continue to practise on Times Table Rock Stars - some of your scores are going up and up.


This weeks tasks on mathletics focuses on our learning in class all around addition and subtraction - if you have any problems please let us know through the home school communication books.  Keep up the hard work.