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week beg 4th July 2022

This week we will be reading the book called Summer Sun. It is all about the weather and seasons. We will be making 2023 calendars and will be focused on learning about the features and weather patterns of each season. We will be learning the months of the year and which months form part of which season.

In maths we will be focusing on problem solving in the real world and developing our critical thinking skills. We will be looking at bridges and using our resources to build bridges and to test their weight strength. We will also be building boats and will be testing their weight strength before they sink. The highlight of the week will be: The children will need to think of the playground as a crocodile infested swamp and they need to rescue our friend ‘Oscar the Teddy’ without putting their feet on the ground. They will need to build a shelter to keep everyone dry. They will also have to think of how they can fill their bucket with water when it has holes? They will work in teams and will have to strategise and come up with solutions.

Seasons Calendar

This weeks’ Homework Challenge is:

Using junk modelling material at home, can you make a waterproof hat that would keep you dry on a rainy day? It has to keep your hair, neck, shoulders, face and arms dry- so it has to be quite wide. What materials would you use? How would you make it waterproof? How would you make sure it stays on? What happens if it is windy? How big do you have to make it? How will you decorate it? You will need to draw your design first, then write a list of materials you think will work for your project. Then, build your hat. Once you are done, you will need to test it out and see if there are any problems you need to fix? What could you have done differently? Do you think you have used suitable materials for a rainy and windy day?

Due date: 8th July 2022

example of a hat