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Week beg 20th June

This week we will be focusing on lots of non-fiction text but will also be reading this cute little book about Sports Day. Our topic is all about sports and we will be exploring and learning about different types of sports available to us. Please see the homework challenge below.

Sports Day

The home learning challenge this week:

Using paper, can you design a football field with 2 teams and the necessary sports equipment? Can you write down 3 rules that apply to football? You can be as creative as you like. Use any recyclable material you want! You could crumple up scrap paper to make the ball. You could cut out paper dolls to make the team players and fold and paste the bottom of their feet to make them stand up on the pitch. You can use paper to create the goals. I have posted some ideas to get you going! This is really about getting creative and learning more about the game!

DUE DATE: 24 JUNE 2022

Football field

Football players