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Can you fix the sentences? Remember to check spelling, full stops, capital letters. Make sure you read it through to check it makes sense. Use your spelling mats to help you.



Before you start this activity you may want to re-watch or re-read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.


In the story, the family go on a search to find a bear. Pick your own animal to search for and describe it. Remember to use your 5 senses. You could also describe the size and how it moves. You must include expanded noun phrases and you could try to include alliteration or similes. Use the descriptive word mats below to help you.


Use your Rockstars account to practise your times tables.

Add up these sums by drawing the 10s and 1s. Look at your learning pack if you need a reminder or click on the guide below.


Follow Joe Wicks and his exercises in his next video. You may prefer to dance instead. If you do, Oti from Strictly Come Dancing is posting a daily dance routine for kids on her Instagram and youtube channel.

P.E with Joe | Tuesday 24th March 2020


Watch the bitesize video on food chains then read the information to learn about food chains. After that, create your own food chains.

Challenge – sort the animals into the correct category.