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Today we are going to look at how ‘a’ changes when it is before ‘l’. Complete the look, say, cover, write and check.  


Continuing on from yesterday’s lesson, you will read a bit more of ‘The Fire Master’s Daughter’ with Miss Emms. Again, you are going to answer some questions but this time they are about the meaning of words.  


Log on to your rock star account to practise your times tables

Today we are going to move on to quarter past and quarter to. If you made a clock, you may want to label these on. Remember you can also use the interactive clocks from Monday to help you. Click on the slides to learn about quarter past and quarter to. Practice by having a go at the game then, complete the activity.


Watch the video and then answer the questions to learn about the Prophet Muhammad.

Extra Ideas




On Friday it is VE day. Do you know what VE day is? VE stands for Victory in Europe. Create this flower to help celebrate the day.