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Most of you will be on lesson 7 of the Oak National Academy unit today. Alternatively, you could complete activity 4 of the unicorn booklet. 




Start by completing the partitioning activity on level 3 of the daily 10. Then it's lesson 7 of the place value unit on Oak National Academy. 



Have a go at this wool wrapped cloud and rainbow craft. If you don't have any wool, you could use coloured paper instead.

Thinking time 


The teachers have decided to all introduce a thought of the day seeing as we can't have assembly at the moment. We will all post a question on our home learning pages for our class to reflect on. There are no right and wrong answers, and you don't need to write anything down, but you can if you want to. Today's question is:


If you were prime minister, what would you change?


I look forward to seeing your work from today. Mrs Neil has posted a PE activity below too. 

Miss Middleton 



It's really important that you make time to exercise during your day, it will make you feel calmer and your brain will be more ready to learn!!


Have a go at the links below for coordination with ball skills and a footwork patterns activity:


There is also a fun fitness circuit you can try:

Email any photos to the class email address.


Mrs Neill