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We are continuing with our work on the BFG. Today we are going to be analysing the opening scene. 




Today we are going to be converting analogue time to digital time. Have a go at the game (choose the 5 minute version) then complete the puzzle. 



Last week, we looked at the work of Dan Mather, an artist who produced artwork using printing.Today, I would like you to do some printing. Find some materials around the house, such as wood, string, fabric or fruit and veg and use these materials to print a picture. 

Thinking time 


Would the world be a better or worse place if clocks had never been invented? 



Have a go completing this fun workout with Rebecca Adlington who is a retired swimmer. She competed in the 2008 Olympic games and won 2 gold medals, as well making a new world record, she also won 2 bronze medals in the 2012 Olympic games.

Highlight and right click on the link below:


I'm looking forward to seeing you all again for your PE lesson when we return to school next week.


Mrs Neill smiley