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We are going to be doing lesson 3 of the Oak national academy unit on the BFG. Today we are going to be exploring simple sentences. 




Yesterday, we drew a pictogram of the data that we collected on Monday. As a starter today, I would like you to have a go at interpreting pictograms. I want you to do question 1 on the worksheet.


Then I want you to watch this video and draw a bar graph of the data that we collected on Monday. 


How is this bar graph the same as your pictogram? How is it different?



Have a look at the work of artist, Dan Mather. 


What techniques has he he used?

What colours has he used? 

What has he painted?

Thinking time


What makes something art?



There are 3 videos for you to watch and have a go at, the first two are about agility (moving quickly from side to side), the third one is about creative movement (dance). Highlight the link and right click on it.