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Good morning Owls, 


How did you get on yesterday expressing yourself? I can't wait to see what you have come up with. If you haven't had a chance to finish yet, don't worry there is some time today to catch up. 


Can you remember why are we expressing ourselves this week? Because it is Mental Health week. Remember, mental health is all about how to keep our minds happy and healthy. Sometimes, when we are down, it can feel like there is no one around to help us. Is that true? Who might be around to help? In school there are lots of people like your friends, Miss Parkinson, Miss Raven, Miss Strutt, Mrs Lilycrop, Mrs Blight and me! Do you remember the clouds that you can write your name on if you have a worry?


At home, there are the people that you live with. That might be your Mum, Dad, brother, sister, grandand, grandma or maybe someone else. Even though you are at your home and I am at my home I am still here to help too! You can email me. 


I know that you may be feeling down, sad, angry or bored but there is always someone who can help. Below, you can see that Mia and Hobbes are supporting me with my work. They are helping by sitting on it! 


Stay safe, 


Miss Stevenson, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Raven

Body and Brain Warm Up

Thinking Time 

When you are feeling down what could you do to cheer up? 


Quick Write

How many times can you write each word in a minute?











Today we are going to start writing our instructions. In this lesson we will write the introduction and equipment list so we can help other people defeat the fire giants! You will need your box plan from Monday to help you. 


Today I want to see how confident you are at adding and subtracting. Start with the game to get your brain in the Maths mood. When you are ready, have a go at the questions. There are a few so you can take a break just like we would in school if you want to. You can zoom in to see the questions and you can even click the pen and draw on the sheet. When you put your answer, make sure you type it in the answer box and then it will get marked. 




When we add the numbers get bigger


When we subtract the numbers get smaller




If you haven't finished the CARE 'Express Yourself' activity from yesterday then keep going with that. If you have finished, then have a go at the lesson here. 


Can you remember what we are learning about in Geography? We are learning about the United Kingdom. Last time we identified the capital cities of the 4 countries within the UK and labelled the seas that surround the UK. This week we are going to be looking at human features and physical features. 


What is a feature? You have features on your face. What are they? They could be your eyes, nose, mouth or ears. A feature is a noticeable part or thing. 


In Geography, a human feature is something noticeable that has been made by people. Buckingham Palace in London is a human feature. 


A physical feature is something noticeable that has been made by nature not humans. A river or a mountain is a physical feature. 


Click on the link below to find out more about human and physical features. 

Now, pick one of the countries of the UK. Find out about the different physical and human features that can be found in that country. You could use the sorting grids below or you could create your own table of features. If you have your snazzy socks on today you could even create a fact file! 

Optional Extras


Do you remember at the beginning of the year we read the book 'The Colour Monster'. He was all muddled up with his feelings. When we had read the book, we created our own feeling monster. Create another one to show your feelings now. Think about each feeling and what colour matches that feeling.