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Today we are going to be writing a poem using similes. Similes compare two things using the words like or as. I want you to read pages 5 and 6, then have a go at writing your own poem.




Today we are going to be adding amounts of money. I want you to look at the powerpoint and then complete one column of one page of the worksheet. (D = challenge 1, E = challenge 2 and GD = challenge 3).




If you want to, you could help your mum or dad to create a shopping list for one of your evening meals. I then want you to find out how much each of those items costs and work out the total cost of the meal. 



In History last week, we learnt about mummification. During the process of mummification, they would put the organs into canopic jars. Today, I would like you to have a go at making some canopic jars.

Thinking time


Would you like to be immortal? Why?



Have a go at these task cards, complete each activity for 1 minute, and then do it all again, so that you exercise for 16 minutes. Highlight and right click on the BIG link below!