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Good morning Owls, 


Firstly, thank you to those of you (parents/carers and children) who have completed the surveys so far. Well done, you get 10 star points (children not parents/carers sorry)! If you haven't managed to complete it yet, don't worry the links are below. 


Today the 'afternoon lesson' is going to be slightly different and I hope, you are going to have lots of fun.  I am leaving the work all up to you. You can choose what you would like to do. 


I hope you have fun! Can't wait to see what you get up to. 


Stay safe, 


Miss Stevenson

Thinking Time

Would you rather wash a hippo or a giraffe?


Quick Write

How many times can you write each word in a minute?












In today's lesson we are going to be bossy! We are going to be using imperative verbs. Can you remember what a verb is? A verb is a doing word, an action like swim, walk, read. Can you remember when we played charades with verbs? You could play that at home too. Imperative means important and command. So an imperative verb is a doing word that is a command. 


You have been amazing at adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers! Today you are going to practise both. When you complete the activity, remember to look at the sign. Are you adding or subtracting? Think back to all the different methods you have used; base 10, part whole model, 100 square. Use these methods to help you find the answers. 



Chester Zoo

This lesson is going to be a little different. We are going to be zoo keepers! We are going to watch live videos of real animals at the zoo! There are lots of videos about all sorts of animals. You may want to find your favourite animal, you could find out about lots of different animals or you could find out about an animal you haven't heard of before. After you have watched the videos, what you create to show what you have learnt is completely up to you.


You could

- create a fact file

- create a poster

- write a diary entry as one of the animals or one of the zoo keepers

- create your own video about an animal of your choice

- write a set of instructions on how to look after an animal 

- create a powerpoint presentation 

- create a story inspired by one of the animals

- create a model of a habitat 


You could do anything! You could do more than one! The choice is yours. You could do it on the computer using word or Purple Mash or you could do it on paper. 


As this is a big task, you can continue this into tomorrow. I can't wait to see what you get up to! 

Optional Extras


Create a picture of one of the animals from the zoo. This could be a drawing, collage, painting, using the computer or even made out of Hama beads.