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Good morning Kingfishers. I emailed you a survey on Monday. Thank you to those of you that have done it. If you have not yet done it, could you do it for me today please. It's very short. 


Thank you.



Today I would like you to do lesson 17 from Oak National Academy. For those of you working from the unicorn booklet, I would like you to edit and publish your work. Check for the non-negotiables (Capital letters, full stops, question marks, spellings, check that your writing makes sense). 






As a starter, have a go at a times table game on top marks. Then watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. 



On Friday in History, we are going to be learning about mummification. A death mask would be placed over the mummy's head so that their spirt could recognise their body in the afterlife.

Today I would like you to have a go at designing your own death mask. 

Thinking time


Do you think that humans have a soul? Do animals have a soul?



Have a go at one of the workouts on Youtube, highlight the link starting with http and then right click.



PE with Joe 2021