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Yesterday we added ‘ful’ to the end of words. Today we are going to add ‘less’ to the end of some words. What happens to a word when we add the suffix ‘less’? How does the word change? Can you think of some examples? What is the difference between the suffixes ‘ful’ and ‘less’? Complete the activity. There is also a wordsearch which you could do.


To complete today’s activity you may want to re-watch ‘The Ugly Sharkling’.

Yesterday we started to plan our letter. Today we need to add detail to make it interesting. We are going to write some expanded noun phrases. Can you remember what an expanded noun phrase is? I would like you to describe the shark’s eyes, fin, mouth and body. You may think of some more objects to describe. Create a list or bubble map with adjectives for each part of the shark. Use the adjectives below and match them to the part of the shark that you think it describes. You don’t have to match all of them. When you have finished, write at least one expanded noun sentence using the adjectives for each part of the shark.


First have a go at this mental maths challenge game. Choose your level and what you would like to practise

Today’s activity involves practising your times tables. In the activity below, there are 3 levels that you can choose from. Read the question allowed. What do you need to find out? If you are stuck, try drawing an array.

Below are some cards that you can cut out and use to support you with your times tables.


Read and complete the questions.


Looking after the world is important to many people. Watch the video below to learn why caring is important to Muslims then complete the activity.



Try your own magic appearing picture using paper towels, water and felt pens. Watch the videos below for instructions and ideas.