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Last week we looked at the word 'because'. We practised how to spell 'because' using mnemonics. 

B - big 

E - elephants

C - can

A - always

U - understand

S - small 

E - elephants 


Using your year 1/year 2 words, choose at least 3 words from the list that you find tricky to spell. Create your own mnemonic to help spell them. Write them down in your book. You can find the words in your learning pack or you can click on the link below. 



Create a set of instructions for the game that you created yesterday. Remember to include

- Title

- introduction

- question mark

- What you will need

- commas in a list

- What to do

- Time conjunctions

- imperative verbs

- top tip with a ! 


You may use the plan below to help you. 



Practice the inverse method. Watch the video to remind yourself of the inverse method. Complete the inverse sheet first before moving on to see if the answers are correct on True or False. Don't forget the 3 Golden Rules. 


For the PE session follow Joe Wicks and his exercises. Some of his exercises may be a bit tricky. If you need to, pause, have a rest and grab a drink. If anything starts to hurt, stop. You may like to know that Joe Wicks is posting one of these videos daily on his channel.



In Science, we are currently learning about Animals and their Habitats. Today, can you find out about the habitat of a bear. You may draw a picture and label the habitat and/or write a description about the habitat. Don't forget MRS GREN. You may choose which bear to research. 


Here are some websites you could use: