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Today we are going to look at the suffix ‘-ness’. Can you remember what a suffix is? Read through the information on the powerpoint and then have a go at the task below.


Today, we are going to put our expanded noun phrases into a character description. Can you remember the other features of a character description? Use the word mat to help you.


Log on to your Numbots account.

Today we are going to be comparing different lengths of time. To compare we use the greater than and less than symbols > < .

If we have the numbers              15         8

Which way round do the symbols point?

That’s right the crocodile eats the biggest number.           15 > 8

Watch the two videos below to see how to use the greater than less than symbols. Then have a go at the work. Remember to use the interactive clocks to help you.


Complete the 60 second read.


Watch the video below to see Auntie Mabel and Pippin find out about bulbs. Once you have watched the video, describe how a daffodil grows and the journey it goes on to get to the shops. Remember to include the parts of the plant and what they need to grow. To do this you could write a story, create a powerpoint presentation, write a set of instructions or create a comic strip.

Extra Ideas




Follow the instructions below to grow your own rainbow.    


Below is a plant home activity pack where you can conduct your own plant investigation using beans.