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Today we are going to practice spelling words with ‘ar’ but sound like ‘or’. Have a go at look, say, cover, write, check below.


In the lesson today, you are going to write a set of instructions. Can you remember what we need to include in instructions?


Log on to your Rockstar account.

We are going to continue to practise reading the clock in 5 minute intervals. Have a go at the game below to see if you can match the times, then have a go at the work today. Remember to use an interactive clock to help you, or if you are a bit stuck, click on the slides from yesterday (the powerpoint has been split into two as the file was too big).


Complete the 60 second read.


In Science today we are going to look at the life cycle of a plant. Click on the link below to watch the video and have a go at the activity and then the quiz. Can you create a life cycle for a plant? You may choose your own plant. Draw a picture and label each stage of the cycle. Can you explain what happens at each stage? There must be at least 4 stages.

Extra Ideas




Have a go at drawing a plant. How much detail can you add?