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Continue to practise ‘el’ words and your handwriting by having a go at the activity below. You could also have a go at the quiz.  


Today we are going to try something a little different. We are going to try a lesson from the Oak National Academy. If you want, you can go onto their website and look at their range of lessons by selecting a year group or subject.

In these lessons, a year 2 teacher talks you through a lesson in a video. To complete the lesson, you will need a pencil and paper. You may want to pause and play the video. The lesson focuses on the book ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman. You do not need the book to complete the lesson. The lesson today is about reading and retrieving information.


Log on to your numbots account.

We are going to continue to practice reading the clock at o’clock and half past. You may want to look back at the videos from yesterday to remind yourself. Remember you can use the model clock from yesterday or the interactive clocks to help you.


Can you remember the parts of a plant? What does a plant grow from? A seed or a bulb. What do plants need to survive? Read the information on the PowerPoint then complete the activity. Predict if the plant will grow in the conditions. If you have some seeds, you could have a go at this experiment and see if your predictions were correct.  

Extra Ideas




Using a camera, choose an object and zoom in. What does it look like up close? What details can you see now that you couldn’t before? Take a photo and have a go at drawing it. Can your family guess what the object is from your drawing?