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Today I would like you to complete lesson 7 of the Oak national academy BFG unit. We are going to be applying our knowledge of suffixes. 



Have a go at this reading comprehension activity about guinea pigs. 



I would like you to start by playing this board game to recap last lesson's learning. Last lesson we were telling the time. This lesson, I am going to tell you the time and I want you to draw it on a clock. Remember, the minute hand is the long hand and the hour hand is the short hand. You might want to use this interactive clock to help you, or have a go at making your own paper plate clock. 



Last lesson, we went on a nature walk to identify animals. Today we are going to be finding out more about these animals' skeletons. The key vocabulary that I want you to know by the end of this lesson is vertebrate and invertebrate. Watch this video and then complete the sorting activity. 


Thinking time


What would life be like if you were an invertebrate?