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Yesterday, we wrote a poem about the things we missed. Today, we are going to write a poem about all of the things we used to do regularly, that we wish we could do again. Have a read of pages 12 and 13 of the poetry booklet.


The author of this poem has compared big fancy wishes to regular things that he really misses. He has also used adjectives, verbs, metaphors and similes to make his poem really interesting for the reader. Rather than saying " I don't need to be on an island but I do wish I was walking along the canal" he has said " I don’t need to be on Caribbean island with turquoise seas but I do wish that I was walking along the canal path in Stroud, where a kingfisher zips by in a sudden electric blue fizz, a fistful of feathered energy."


Have a go at writing your own wish poem. Try to use adjectives, verbs, similes and metaphors if you can. 



Have a go at this reading comprehension. Choose either 1 star, 2 star or 3 star.



Today, we are going to apply our learning about adding and subtracting money to solve word problems. Some of these word problems will require you to add and some of these word problems will require you to subtract. If you want to challenge yourself, challenge three contains multi-step problems. In order to work our whether the word problems are addition or subtraction, you will need to draw a bar model. We have used bar models in school, but if you have forgotten how to draw them, there is a video below. 


Each of the questions has a star at the bottom. Choose either 1 star, 2 star or 3 star. Most of you should be able to do either 2 star of 3 star. 



Today is safer internet day. Watch this fabulous video from Mrs Eastes. Then have a go at writing your own story about staying safe online. 


Thinking time


In computing today, we looked at a story which was based on a fairy tale. In fairy tales, there are always good characters and bad characters. Are there good people and bad people in real life? If so, what makes someone good or bad?