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We are going to start a unit of work on poetry. Today, I would like you to write me a list poem. Read pages 3 and 4 and then have a go at writing your own list poem. Make sure that you use expanded noun phrases, rather than just listing nouns so that your poem is engaging for the reader. 



Have a go at this reading comprehension for me. Choose either 1 star, 2 star or 3 star. 



As a starter, I would like you to have a go at daily 10, level 3 partitioning. This will help you with today's learning. 


Today we are going to be converting pounds to pence. Have a look at this powerpoint and then choose one column of one page of the worksheet. (D = challenge 1, E = challenge 2 and GD = challenge 3) 





We are going to start a computing unit on coding. I have set you a 2do on purple mash called fun with fish. I want you to have a go at writing code for the fish programme. 

Optional extra PE

Thinking time


Do you think computers could ever take over the world?