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Hopefully you have received an email with a login for Sumdog. If you haven’t, let the office know and I will send one to you. Please let us know if you are interested in an account to Nessy.


What happens to a word when we add the suffix ‘ful’ to the end of a word? How does the word change? Can you think of some examples? Look carefully. We only add one l to the end. Complete the activity and then have a go at the quiz.


To complete today’s activity you may want to re-watch ‘The Ugly Sharkling’.

At the end of the week we are going to write a letter as the boy explaining what happened. Because we are writing a letter, we will write in the first person. This means using I I I. Do you think the letter will be formal or informal? Today I would like you to start to plan your letter using the plan below. You can choose the blank one or the one with sentence starters (no printing is needed, it can be copied into a book). In each box, write a sentence or two explaining what happened and how it made you feel. Use the pictures to make sure your putting the events in the correct order. You could look at your work from yesterday to help you. Remember to use I and add time conjunctions.


To start, log onto your times table rock stars account and practice your times tables.

Today we are looking at arrays. When we don’t know the answer to a multiplication sentence, we can use arrays to help us. Watch the video to remind yourself what an array is and then click on the bbc website to have a go. When you are ready have a go at the activity. If you are feeling really confident you could have a go at the challenge.


Read and complete the questions.


We are going to start a new topic on Plants. To take part in this lesson you could look out your window, explore your garden or go for a walk. What plants can you see? Do you know their names? Can you identify different parts of the plant? Choose one or more of the activities below

  • Draw the plants that you can see
  • Collect fallen parts of plants and create a collage or press
  • Take photos of all the different plants you can see
  • Create a tally chart of some plants
  • Look at a plant really closely using a magnifying glass or zoom on a camera.



For today’s activity you could choose one of the tasks from Science. Or you could draw a landscape picture from your window.