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Have a go at completing the mat. It combines a few different spelling and grammar activities.


Yesterday you created our own alien. Today could you describe where the alien came from and how it landed on Earth. You can use these questions to help you:

- Where did it come from? What is it like there?

- How did it get to Earth? Did it crash? Was it sent on a mission?

- Why does it want underpants?


You can also have a go at this alien phonics game.


Click on the link to play the game. Choose level 3. You have to balance out the scales. Remember each side should equal the same answer.


Today find the answers to the questions by first subtracting the tens and then the ones.


When you have completed that, have a go at completing the challenge.


Complete this 60-second reading comprehension.


For PE, follow another session by Joe Wicks. Or you could dance with Oti from strictly.


In Science we have been looking at animals and their habitats. We have looked at habitats around the world now it is time to look at habitats a bit closer to home. If you can, have a look in your garden. What type of habitat is it? What plants can you see? What animals can you see? You may have to sit very still and look very carefully to see some animals. Draw and label a picture of your habitat.