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Today's spelling activity is to do quick-write with this week's words:


Quick Write

How many times can you write each word in a minute?



Complete the following by clicking on the link:




This is your next reading activity:


Remember to do your starter which today is Rockstars and then complete the following activity by clicking on the link:

Then, if you feel like a challenge, have a go at this link:




Read the attached Powerpoint up to slide 9. Watch the video on slide 8 about Barnaby Bear and learn about Poole, a seaside town. Then complete slides 5 and 7 in your home learning books.


**If you don't have access to Powerpoint, here is the video link for Barnaby Bear:

Then answer these questions (the same ones that are on the Powerpoint).


1. Write 5 words that describe the seaside.

2.Why do people visit the seaside?

3. Can you name any seaside places in the UK?

4. What is an island?

5. How might the seaside be different from where we live (can you write 2 differences)?

6. What different seaside places have you visited?