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Today we are going to look at words that end in the suffix ‘-ment’. Have a go at practising your handwriting and spelling with the sheet below. They are quite long aren’t they. Do you know what each word means? Can you write a definition for each word?


Today, we are going to continue to practise our reading skills. You can use the question sheet below instead of copying out the questions.  


Log on to your Numbots account.

To start can you order the different lengths of time from shortest to longest. You may just want to write them in the correct order.

Then can you match the activities to the lengths of time that it would take to complete them.

After that have a go at answering the football themed problems.

If you want, you could challenge a partner to see who is the fastest in the last activity.


Complete the 60 second read


Last week we looked at the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. Click on the link to remind yourself who he was and why he was famous.

Christopher Columbus visited a lot of places. Using the world map, can you find and locate the list of places? Mark them on the blank map. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Mark them down on the blank map. You could create a key for your map.

Log on to your purple mash account and click on the 2do to find an extra activity where you can talk to Christopher Columbus!

Extra Ideas




Pablo Picasso is a very famous artist. He is most famous for creating unusual faces. Look at his paintings below and then have a go at creating your own Picasso painting using a dice and the table. Roll the dice and draw the matching feature to create an unusual face.