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Pick the words that you find tricky to spell from the list below. Have a go at writing them in rainbow letters. This means that you spell the word with each letter in a different colour.


Sorry, it seems yesterday I created the link but forget to copy the address to the lesson. Below, hopefully, is the link to yesterday’s lesson and questions. I have also provided today’s lesson. They are both lessons on making inferences. You can choose which lesson to do, or if you want to do both you can.


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To practice reading the time have a go at the matching cards game. Today’s task involves converting time between hours and minutes. For example, what is an hour and a half in minutes? Well an hour is 60 minutes and half an hour is 30 minutes. So an hour and a half is 60 + 30 = 90 minutes. This can be quite tricky so make sure you break it down into small chunks using the facts that you know. Look at the poster to help you.


Complete the 60 second read


In Topic we are looking at Great Explorers. Today you are going to find out about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. Have you heard of him before? Find out about the great explorer by answering the questions below.

Extra Ideas




Can you have a go at copying these patterns?