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There will be no work set on Friday as it is a bank holiday. Enjoy your weekend. 


Have a go at practising your handwriting with the ‘a’ before an ‘l’ or ‘ll’ on the sheet below. Then you may want to log into your Sumdog account to practise your spellings.


In this lesson, you will be identifying the features of a set of instructions. Can you remember what they are? For the independent task, there is a copy of the instructions below.


Log on to your numbots account.

Today we are going to continue to practise reading the clock at quarter past and quarter to. Remember you can to use the interactive clocks to help you. To refresh your memory, have another go at the game below then, complete the activity.

VE Day

Complete the comprehension to learn about VE day. There are 3 options to choose from.


To celebrate VE day, people brought their tables and chairs outside and held huge street parties. They had food, decorations and music. If you had street party, what would you have?

Extra Ideas




To celebrate VE day create some bunting. Click on the link to see some different ideas or select the pdf for union jack bunting.