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Most of you will be on lesson 8 of the Oak National Academy unit by now. Alternatively, it's activity 5 on the unicorn booklet. 



We have been learning about non-fiction texts in English. Here is a link to a non-fiction book called animal conflicts. I have emailed you the username and password to Oxford Owl. You don't have to read the whole book. Use the contents to find a couple of pages which you think might be interesting and read them.



Have a quick go on mathletics as a starter. Then it's lesson 8 of the place value unit on Oak National Academy. 



Some of you completed lesson one last week. Today, have a go at lesson 2. 

Thinking time


In Science, we are learning about light and dark. We need light to be able to see. Your question for today is:


If you woke up blind tomorrow, what is the one thing that you would miss seeing the most?