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This week we have been exploring the story of the BFG. Today we are going to be sequencing and retelling the opening of the story. 



Before half term, we read chapter 1 of "Oh Otto". You might want to re-read chapter one to remind yourself what happened. Today, I would like you to read chapter 2 and answer these questions. 


Look at the title of this chapter. How is Charlie feeling? Can you predict what might happen to make him feel this way?


Why did Otto lean back in his chair? What happened?


What does Charlie say is kept in the head teacher's office? Is Charlie telling the truth? How do you know?





Yesterday, we drew bar charts of our data. Today we are going to be interpreting bar charts. I would like you to watch this video and complete the worksheet. 



Today we are starting a new unit of work on animals including humans. I would like you to go on a nature walk (or in your garden) and note down which animals you can see. You might want to draw observational drawings of some of these animals too. 



Last lesson we were counting to 12 and saying our age. Today we are going to be saying the months of the year.

Optional extra French 


Thinking time


If you could be any animal, which animal would you be and why?