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Today we are going to be exploring the grammatical features in the poem that we read yesterday. I want you to re-read the poem and then have a go at the alliteration activity on page 21 and the personification activity on pages 22 and 23.



Today I have got another problem solving activity for you. The numbers are small but it's still tricky, so you will need to be resilient. Remember to plan, monitor and evaluate. 



Read chapter 1 of "Oh Otto" from Oxford Owl then answer these questions.


Where did Otto come from?

What colour was Otto?

Why does Otto say "I don't think I can be a deer." ?

What do you think will happen in chapter 2?



Write a letter about how you are feeling. There are some sentence starters below to help you. 



Last lesson we learnt about shadows. Today we are learning how to change the size of a shadow. Complete lesson 6 on Oak academy. 

Optional extra Science


If the sun isn't hiding behind the clouds, have a go at making a sundial.

Thinking time


In CARE, we wrote a letter about how we were feeling. There are different types of emotions. Some are comfortable emotions like happiness and some are uncomfortable emotions like fear. Uncomfortable emotions aren't always a bad thing. You might be scared of getting into the swimming pool, but if you do it, you will learn to swim. Are there any other uncomfortable emotions that lead to positive outcomes? What are they?