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Good morning Owls! 


I have loved seeing the 'Express Yourself' challenges so far. They are fab! Hopefully, I will be able to see some more today. 


Now, why are we having the 'Express Yourself' challenge? Because it is Mental Health week. On Tuesday, we talked about why sleep is really important for your brain. Something else that is really important for your brain and your body is exercise! Why is exercise so important? Can you remember when we went into the hall and completed lots of different exercises in one minute? How did your body feel when he had finished all of the exercises? How did your mind feel? 


When you exercise, your heart beats faster, your breath gets heavier and you sweat. You loose calories too which keeps your body healthy. Exercise also helps your mind as it releases something called endorphins which helps to make you happy and push stress away. So when we exercise regularly, our bodies keep healthy and our minds do too. 


How can you exercise at home? You could:

- go for a walk, bike, jog, run or scooter ride

- play games like tag, stuck in the mud or piggy in the middle

- join in with Supermovers, Joe Wicks or with Andy and his Wild Adventures

- you could even have a dance party in your bedroom! 


There are so many different ways that you can exercise. Below, Hobbes is showing you how he likes to exercise and play with his favourite toy. 


Stay safe, 


Miss Stevenson, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Raven

Hobbes Exercising

Still image for this video

Brain and Body warm up

Thinking Time

How can you tell what people are feeling?


Pyramid Spelling


When we practice our spelling using a pyramid, a take it one letter at a time. For example, school.






Practise with the spellings below.












We are continuing to write our instructions today. In this lesson we will write our first 4 instructions to defeat the fire giants! We will think about all the features of instructions we have learnt about and how we can use them to make our instructions clear. You will need your Box plan from Monday. If possible, you could continue your instructions under your work from yesterday. 


Today we are going to start our new topic 'Division'. Don't worry if you don't know what this means, we will find out as we go along. In this lesson we are going to be sharing. That's kind isn't it. When we share, we have got to make sure that everyone has the same amount so that it is fair. Have a go at the game first. When you complete the activity, it would be really helpful to have some objects that you can move around like counters, lego pieces or hama beads. For the activity, you will need 30 objects. 

You can practice sharing equally at home in lots of different ways. You could

- share out toys

- share out sweets or fruit

- make cupcakes and share out decorations

- make mini pizzas and share out toppings 

- share out lego pieces and see what you can make from the pieces that you have




If you haven't completed it yet, have a go at the 'Express Yourself' activity. 


In this lesson, we are going to listen to a story about Jesus and identify the important part of the story. 


In this lesson, we will learn all about the strongest beat of the bar and how we can show it when we are performing the pulse.

Optional Extras


Colouring in can be very relaxing and calming. Choose one (or more) from these packs and spend some time colouring in. While you are doing this, you could listen to some music. Don't rush with the colouring, take your time. When you are finished, think about how it has made you feel.