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Yesterday, we wrote poems using similes. Today we are going to have a go at writing a poem that uses metaphors. A metaphor also compares two things, but instead of using the words as or like, it says something is something else. 


Read page 8 and 9, then have a go at writing your own poem. 



We are learning about poetry in English. Today for reading, I would like you to read a couple of pages of the special days poems book on the Oxford owl website. 



Yesterday, we were adding money. Today we are going to have a go at subtracting money. I want you to look at the powerpoint and then have a go at one column of one page of the worksheet. 



Instead of the modern day alphabet, ancient Eqyptians used hieroglyphics. Have a go at writing your own name in hieroglyphics and then see if you can work out the names of these Egyptian Gods.



This week is children's mental health week. The theme this year is express yourself.

Thinking time 


What would the world be like if everyone was exactly the same?