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Today I would like you to do lesson 18 on Oak National Academy. For those of you who were working from the unicorn booklet, I would like you to complete this pobble365 activity. 



Have a go at this reading comprehension activity. Choose either 1 star, 2 star or 3 star.



Today we are going to be solving problems involving scaling. You will need to apply your knowledge of multiplication and division to work these problems out. 


Watch a super movers video as a starter and then watch the explanation video and complete the worksheet. 



Today I would like you to do lesson 4 of the Oak National Academy unit. 



In French, at school, we have learnt about classroom objects. Today I want you to recap by looking at this powerpoint, then have a go at this wordsearch. 

Thinking time


Would it be better if everyone in the world spoke the same language (but they could only speak that one language) ? Why? Why not?